Publications & Presentations

  • IIIF Conference, The Vatican (June 2017)
  • Yale Digital Conference (March 2017)
  • Yale Center Beijing (May 2016)

  • University of Chicago (March 2016)

  • Harvard University (March 2016)

  • University of California, Berkeley (October 2015)

  • Yale University (February 2015)

  • Newark Museum of Art (May 2013)

  • Rubin Museum of Art (November 2012)

Quintman, Andrew and Kurtis Schaeffer. “The Life of the Buddha at Rtag brtan Phun tshogs gling Monastery in Text, Image, and Institution: A Preliminary Overview.” Journal of Tibetology 13 (2016): 32-73.

Quintman, Andrew. “Putting the Buddha to Work: Śākyamuni in the Service of Monastic Identity.” Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies 40. forthcoming.

Quintman, Andrew and Kurtis Schaeffer. “Synthesizing Image and Text in the Life of the Buddha.” In progress for publication in Introduction to Digital Humanities: Research Methods for the Study of Religion, edited by Christopher D. Cantwell and Kristian Peterson. Berlin: DeGruyter.

We also plan a full-length monograph covering (1) a history of Jonang Phuntsokling Monastery and its founder Tāranātha; (2) a detailed description and analysis of the murals; (3) a history of the design and production of the murals; (4) a translation and study of The Sun of Faith together with related works by Tāranātha.